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As The Raven Flies Patch

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We’ve got a limited amount of As The Raven Flies patches left after shipping out all the ones for our Kickstarter backers earlier this week.

It feels a bit strange to be promoting our own logo because we have strong opinions about logos and capitalism, which Jonathon has written about before. It is what it is, though, and we’re proud to be sharing this project with you.

The naming of As the Raven Flies was in and of itself its own feat. The idea began with a map of Canada and the idiom ‘as the crow flies’ to visualize long distances. After reflecting and talking about it further, we changed the bird to ‘raven.’ The raven is native to Canada and stays in the north throughout the winter, which gives us a strong sense of place in comparison to migratory birds. The raven is found throughout the Canadian wilderness from the east coast to the west. The raven is the Creator-Trickster of several different Indigenous mythologies; as well as the territorial bird of the Yukon, the route we’re taking to reach the Arctic Ocean in Inuvik.

We hope that ATRF has a sense of exploration and wildness, as well as an acknowledgement of Indigenous cultures that will be an integral part of our documentation.

We aren’t going to be printing anymore of these, so if you missed out on supporting the campaign or just want this beautiful hand-designed patch, order one!

Asad is an inventor with his head up in the clouds and his feet down in the dirt.

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