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Looking for Hosts in Newfoundland

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We have been blessed to receive an outpouring of folks offering to take us in along our route since we started sharing content related to this trip. From St. John’s to the Sault to Whitehorse and so many places* in between.

The beginning of our route, however, is currently an empty list between St. John’s and Cape Breton. This is an issue because that’s where we’ll be the least experienced and facing the adverse weather of early spring on the Atlantic. So if you or anyone you know has any leads for hosts in Newfoundland along Highway 1 (major stops are Arnold’s Cove, Gander, Twilingate, Bishop’s Falls, Corner Brook and Port-aux-Basques), please email or direct them to our host us page.

Last week of prep. See you out there!

*I nearly wrote ‘everywhere’ but…not quite.

Jonathon is a semi-professional adventurer with roots in education and activism.

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