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Website Update

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We’ve been working hard to tie up loose ends before departing this weekend, and one of those loose ends has certainly been website development. It’s been a gradual process of updates but we’re happy to be able to announce the website is almost completely a go. Still need to fix a tiny bit of code for mobile users; other than that it’s solid.

If you browse through the about pages, you’ll find new responsive navigation thanks to some template somewhere on the internet, with better styling thanks to Jonathon’s creativity.

More importantly, if you visit the main site, you’ll find that the route has been completed and styled with huge thanks to our friend Phil(!), including two markers holding the place for many more to come. That map is our home base for the next six months. We invite you to bookmark it or make it your home page (seriously) to keep an eye on our progress as we fight our way through the headwinds and rainclouds of this distant northern landscape.

We’ve made significant headway with the rewards for our Kickstarter backers and will have those ready to ship in the next couple days. Lastly, all our subscribers got our first expedition dispatch today. If you’re not subscribed yet, the box is below.

Jonathon is a semi-professional adventurer with roots in education and activism.

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