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Day 099: Board Games

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Edmonton to Edmonton, AB
Traditional territory of the Métis, Cree and Tsuu T’ina
0 km
Rain most of the day, 20 ºC

I played three board games today, which I think may be a record and I also think is indicative of the good company I am in with my hosts in Edmonton that I would want to play three different board games. Except for the fact that my host’s mysteriously strategic granddaughter Isla beat us both. Multiple times.

The photo is from a chess match at 11 PM last night. Also memorable.

In between board games have been researching different pieces of Canadian history and culture that have intertwined with our route: Neys POW camp on the coast of Lake Superior, the Winnipeg General Strike and a conversation with a farmer in Jansen, Saskatchewan. Among others. Starting to set my gaze on the Yukon. Drinking lots of hot chocolate in preparation.

Jonathon is a semi-professional adventurer with roots in education and activism.

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