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Day 115: From Sun to Sun

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Junction 37 to Continental Divide, YT
Traditional territory of the MĂ©tis and Kaska Dena
115 km
Sunny and windy

Overnight there was a hard rainstorm. It didn’t start until after we’d settled into bed, and it was raining so hard I had a strong feeling it wouldn’t last until morning. Delighted to wake up to a blue sky with a few small white clouds on the horizon.

The wind rose up through the day, however, and made for a challenging few hours in the afternoon. When I got to Rancheria Lodge (after a super-nice passerby offered me a diet cola), I could see Asad talking to a trio of people. I cycled over to them and one of them moved to block my view of the other. I got a suspicious feeling that it was someone I knew.

Even with that sneaking suspicion, however, I was utterly shocked to see the Polish hitchhiker Aga whom we last met in Gaspé, QC, in mid-June. Whoa. An entire country between us and here we were. Again Asad took the photos and I don’t have them so you’ll just have to go back to June and remember who she was and then imagine how beautiful it was to run into her (and her new travelling partners Delphine and Gale) again.

Also met this traffic control personnel, Kasey (not sure about spelling), who always wears a sunflower.

And watched the sun go down with the mountains of the continental divide in front of me. (Not this, this is a bog. Don’t get confused.)

Talked with some geologists returning from five weeks in the backcountry until we were too cold to stand there any longer. Fell asleep again with the sun casting long shadows on the campsite. A good day of wind in my lungs.

Jonathon is a semi-professional adventurer with roots in education and activism.

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