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Day 117: Hitchhiked

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Teslin to Dawson City, YT
Traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in
Sun, cloud and rain

We had a cold rain yesterday that reminded me of nothing more than the late-spring rains on the highways of Newfoundland. In talking about the logistics of getting to the Arctic on time, we decided to hitch a ride from Teslin to Whitehorse. We found Gene from New Zealand who was on his way towards Whitehorse from southern British Columbia with a pickup truck.

By the time we got to Whitehorse, Gene had decided to continue on all the way to Dawson City…where we needed to get to as well. We quickly swallowed our pride and decided to ride all the way to Dawson in order to begin our route on the Dempster Highway before the start of September. That—along with music from Hopsin to Metallica to Beethoven—is how we managed to cover almost 700 km in a single day.

I didn’t take any photos of Gene although I honest-to-goodness meant to. So these are photos from the following day in a dive bar in ‘Paris of the North’ Dawson City.

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